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Want to know if your gun will fit into a particular CCW bag?

It’s easy to figure out. Just measure your gun like this:

  • length is from tip of barrel to the longest point of slide or handle
  • width is from bottom of handle to top of slide OR top of sight
  • depth has always fit the bags we sell, regardless of model

Then compare the measurements to our Gun Compartment measurements found in the description of any item (sometimes listed on the Description under “Gun Footprint”).  As long it is not even a millimeter larger, it will fit the bag.

Don’t have a gun yet but plan to buy one?

Go the gun manufacturer’s website to get the measurements of the gun and compare it to our website. 

The chart below may help you.

Not sure?

If you’re still not sure if you have the right bag for your gun, just email us at and we’ll be happy to help. Please include the gun make/model and the link to the bag(s) you’re interested in.

We also have a nice assortment of bags with large conceal carry pockets. Most of these bags work well with the most purchased firearms. Also, the Purse Concealment Area Chart (below) may be helpful.


Gun Size Width Gun Size Height Concealment Area
up to 4″ inches up to 3″ inches Small
up to 5.5″ inches up to 4″ inches Medium
up to 7.5″ inches up to 5.5″ inches Large
up to 9″ inches up to 7″ inches X-Large
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