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Why Are Some Men Against

Is your husband holding you back from buying a concealed carry purse?  If so, you’re not alone.

Many men speak out against carrying a gun in a handbag.  You might have heard some of these reasons:

  • It’s dangerous for a gun to be floating around loose in a purse.  It might go off.
  • In a crisis, you won’t have time to get out your gun.
  • Carrying in a holster is always best.
  • Someone could steal your purse and then he would also have your gun.

If any of these reasons has kept you from buying a concealed carry purse, you need to stop for a minute, shake those silly thoughts out of your head and listen to reason.

It Might Go Off

Most high quality gun purses come with built-in Velcro handgun holsters built into the concealment compartment.  These holsters are adjustable to fit the size and model of your gun.  The gun does not float “loose” in the purse and is not meant to share space with other items like lipstick, cell phones, etc.  The concealment compartment is just that: for concealment of your gun.  The rest of the purse is for personal items.  If a purse doesn’t come with a holster, one can be purchased separately.

You Won’t Have Time to Get Your Gun Out

For heaven’s sake, in a crisis will you have time to do anything at all?  Carrying a gun is all about self-defense and hedging your bets.  In many threatening situations, an attacker can be distracted long enough to reach your hand in, point and shoot. Or reach in and grab.  Just showing a gun to a would-be attacker might be enough to frighten one away.  Would you have time to dial 911 when someone attacks you?  Pull out and shoot pepper spray and hope that is enough of a deterrent? Call your husband to come rescue you?  Sure you might not have enough time to use your gun.  But then again, maybe you will.

Carrying In a Holster Is Best

While some women prefer holsters to concealed carry purses, many of us don’t.  Women just aren’t built like men and wearing a holster can be downright uncomfortable.   If wearing something is uncomfortable, we just won’t wear it (other than shoes, right ladies?).  We are more likely to leave our gun at home, leaving us unprotected.  Now your husband or boyfriend wouldn’t want that, would he?

Your Purse Might Get Stolen

Yep, that could happen.  It could happen with a gun in it.  Or it could happen without a gun in it.  But if someone does a snatch and grab on your purse, you have bigger things to worry about than the fact that he/she now has your gun.  You have to worry that he/she has your identification (identity theft) and knows where you live (home invasion/robbery).  I personally wouldn’t want to return to my house after my purse with ID was stolen, even if a gun wasn’t in it.  Chances are slim that someone is going to steal your purse, look through it while you watch, find your gun and shoot.  I’d rather take my chances and have my gun.

So ladies are you going to let your man determine your safety or stand up and protect yourself?  If you have concealed carry purses on your mind, get them off your mind by buying one.  Your sense of safety and security will improve and you’ll look fabulous too.  And fellas, isn’t a purse with a gun in it better than an unprotected wife or girlfriend? 

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