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What Do You Do With Your Gun When It’s Not In Your Hand?

It’s not easy to conceal a weapon and remain fashionable. Men are comfortable with concealment holsters on their hips, but women are built differently and are a bit more fashion-forward than that. So, how do you look good AND stay safe?

The conventional ways to secure a firearm (i.e. expensive, lockable, secure storage containers) can really put a dent in the pocket. So, here are some nifty and inexpensive alternatives for the modern and safety-minded woman:

1. Stealth

The success secrets to stealth are preparedness and self-awareness. Obviously, a single mother living in a small one-bedroom apartment will require a much different mindset when hiding a gun than a high-income couple living in an upscale home. Get creative! Imagine multiple places you could hide your gun and envision situations that might make that location a good or bad idea. In other words, if you became a victim to a break-in, it would be pretty unfortunate if your gun was by the bed if you were not in bad at the time, making the gun unreachable and useless. This method of security is tricky for that reason. It is also hard to remember where your weapon is in the midst of real danger. It’s generally hard to think straight in those situations, so try not to out-wit yourself.  If you can afford it, you might keep a gun by your bed and another in your living room or kitchen.  That puts a weapon within reach at all times.

2. Safes

There truly are endless options (and endless price points) when it comes to safes – the problem is finding one that’s reliable and affordable.

Discount Safes are a popular choice for cheap, in-home storage. Most cheap safes use a moisture-bearing insulator to provide thermal protection from a home fire, but this isn’t necessarily good for the contents of the safe.

Safes that are not built-in to the structure of a home or somehow secured (bolted to a floor) can be easily carried away.  Consider this when selecting a safe as the location of choice for your gun. 

Gun Cabinets are a great option to accommodate guns of all sizes (and they look pretty badass too), but they’re not exactly the most secure method. Children have been known to unlock it with pins or other tools.   

Small Fire Safes are a bit towards the higher-end price-wise ($300.00 and up) but they do their job; they provide excellent fire protection. Most need to be either secured to the structure or well-hidden, so use your “stealth” skills to find a good place for it.

3. Concealed Carry Purses

Most concealed carry handbags are designed by women for women.  Concealed carry handbags are where fashion and utility meet. A conceal carry purse is a great way to take control of your safety and your style.

Concealment purses range in size to fit and accommodate your gun perfectly. Conceal and carry purses are a lightweight and fashionable option to conceal your weapon on your person so you’re prepared at all times.  Today, there are many manufacturers of gun purses offering a wide variety of styles, materials and colors.  A gun purse is an excellent solution for 24/7 safety and security.

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