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Save Money At The Gun Range

Sport shooting is a great way to be active, challenge yourself, and have a great time. Unfortunately, the cost of enjoying this sport is rising – just like pretty much every other expense we have. You can save some money at the gun range, though, and still enjoy yourself. These money-saving tips will help you do just that.

  • Consider purchasing an annual membership at your favorite shooting range. At many ranges, memberships cost you less than the recurring range fees. Depending on how often you visit the range, this might save you a good chunk of cash.
  • Look into discount programs. If you’re a National Rifle Association member or a college student, for example, your local shooting range might offer a discount. If you can get an NRA discount, it’s worth the membership fee because many other businesses also offer discounts to members.
  • Take a group of shooters and share the lanes. You’ll have to take turns shooting, but you can save money by splitting up the cost of range fees. And shooting, like many other sports or hobbies, is more fun in a group.
  • Target ammo is cheaper than the “good” stuff. If you’re shooting a handgun, for example, then you might take target practice with wad cutters or full metal jacket rounds. They’re less expensive but still fun to shoot.
  • Shooting ranges often charge more for ammo than other sellers. Unless you’re required to buy ammo from the range, bring in your own from a less-expensive source.
  • Like many other products, ammo is cheaper when you buy it in bulk. Online sellers are often very good about lowering the per-box price if you buy enough boxes. Just make sure, before you buy, that the shipping charges you’ll pay to receive the ammo aren’t more than what you are saving by shopping online.
  • If the range allows this, scoop up brass from the lanes when you’re getting ready to leave. If you reload, you can sort through the brass to collect the right calibers for your firearms. But even if you don’t reload, you can sell the brass to somebody who does. This is a good way to offset at least some of your ammo costs.
  • Another way to save a big chunk of money is to build your own range. If you live in the country, and you have enough acreage to satisfy local or state laws, you can rent a bulldozer and install berms to stop the rounds. You should consult somebody who is very knowledgeable about building safe ranges before you do anything, though.

Now that you know how to save some money at the shooting range, you can go out and have fun. Sport shooting does not have to be too expensive for you to enjoy. You can also ask other people at the range for more money-saving tips. The odds are good that they have some more ideas for you.

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