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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and for the second year in a row online retailer is donating 100 percent of profits from every pink concealed carry purse sold in October to breast cancer research and treatment.

Breast cancer accounts for one of every three cancer diagnosis in women in the United States. “ is involved in raising awareness for a cancer that will impact one in eight ladies in America.  We want to make a difference in breast cancer awareness and provide whatever aid we can,” said Assistant Manager Stella Blubaugh.

The owner and founder of is a breast cancer survivor herself and knows the challenges and stress brought on by the diagnosis.  When starting the store last year, just a few years after finishing treatment, she knew she would want to figure out a way to help repay the same organizations that provided so much help and encouragement to her during her long ordeal. is an online merchant of concealed carry purses, holsters, bullet themed jewelry and gun range bags based in Florida. features many pink items that are included in the October Breast Cancer Promotion, including pink handbags, pink gun range bags and various other pink items and pink fashion accessories.

Products that qualify for the 100 percent profit donation are suggested on the site with a pink ribbon.   Pink items also include several models of Ace Case Pro Shooter Range Bags; one in solid pale pink with black trim and one in pink camo, a best-selling item.  Additionally, a Cody pink floral range bag is included in the October promotion.

Customers who need help or advice in making a selection can either email, post on Facebook, call the toll-free ‪(352) 559-9037‬ or use the Live Chat feature on the site.  Said Blubaugh “We’re one of the few online stores with Live Chat service, which is offered 24/7 except during staff meetings or times of phone or shipping overload.  Our Live Chat representatives work right here with us, not at some call center in a far off land, and our products and purses sit on shelves right behind them.  They are CCW users themselves and know our products inside and out. They can tell you what purse will work for your gun and what won’t and what purse will be too big for your shape/size or what purse won’t have enough room for other items.   Our customers love our high level of personal customer service.  It sets us apart,” she added. “And the Live Chat really reduces our rate of returns.”

“One of the most popular pink handbags we sell is Urban Moxy’s Gina handbag.  It was designed with two pink breast cancer ribbons built into the design.  The owner of Urban Moxy named the bag after her mom, Gina, who had breast cancer,” said Blubaugh.

“Our clients are mostly women from their twenties to their seventies and that’s the group affected by this awful disease.  We know our customers appreciate our efforts to help this cause and by demonstrating this initiative, we hope to encourage our own customers to make a similar effort to reach out and donate to the breast cancer charity of their choice,” said Blubaugh.

“If they can’t donate, we encourage them to volunteer in some way.  There are so many great organizations in desperate need of volunteers,” said Blubaugh. “Hospitals, charities and charity events, chemo centers, hospice, and many others.  If you Google online you can find several URL’s of volunteer matching sites that allow you to find the perfect volunteer opportunity that suits you.”

“Breast cancer impacts everyone, not just the woman who has it.  Her family, friends, co-workers, children are all deeply impacted by this disease,” she said.  “Everyone knows someone who has died from this disease.”

Customers aiming to purchase a pink concealed carry purse or any other pink or partially pink products need to make their purchase before November 1, 2014.   Items purchased for a Christmas gift will be included in the extended holiday return policy, good through January 5, 2015.

About is an Ocala, Florida based retailer that specializes in high-quality women’s concealed carry purses, concealed carry holsters and fashion bullet jewelry.  It is among the nation’s fastest-growing sellers of concealed carry purses and accessories.

Contact: Stella Blubaugh, Assistant Manager, at
Telephone: ‪(352) 559-9037‬

PHOTO CAPTION: When purchased from during the month of October, 100 percent of the profits from the GINA concealed carry purse (retail $92) will be donated to breast cancer research and treatment.  The purse features two pink “ribbons” built into the exterior design of the purse, in honor of the designer’s mother, Gina.

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