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Women who choose to carry protection in the form of a licensed and lawfully carried firearm face a difficult albeit necessary chore: finding a holster that fits well and is also comfortable.

Does it have to be this way? With such a wide myriad of choices available, finding the right holster should be a breeze.

Some Bloomingdales retail locations are equipped with walk-in machines that take 29 measurements and offer recommendations for jeans that match their measurements. The jeans recommended are products sold at Bloomingdales, but the walk in machines are invaluable for the guidance and direction provided to customers.

This jeans fitting wonder science would be perfect for matching a woman’s individual measurements and curves with an appropriate firearm and holster.  While we don’t have that technology yet, firearms manufacturers and holster companies are paying attention.  More than ever, these companies are designing and developing products with the female form in mind.

Making a Good Decision

There are many holsters on the market.  Some holsters are pink, leading the consumer to believe the holster was designed for ladies.  Often, however, the holster is the same model as the manufacturers’ man-size model.  The only difference is that they made some of them in pink.

A concealed carry holster for women needs to be designed for the curves and comfort needs of women.  With a bit of homework, women can find holsters that fit well and last for years:

  • Read the manufacturers specifications and descriptions
  • Read independent reviews from other women found in online forums or in blogs
  • Ask friends, gun range owners and other CCW acquaintances for recommendations
  • If you buy a holster that just doesn’t fit, return it and find something better (as long as it meets the conditions mandated by the manufacturer or place of purchase)
  • Narrow your search to holsters made specifically for women, then narrow your search further to your specific desires and body type.
  • If buying online, look for a website that sells holsters and also allows returns, so if you receive the holster and the fit isn’t right, you can send it back.
  • Make sure any holster you buy is made for your exact gun, not for something similar.
  • Invest in a purse or bag that is designed with CCW holsters and firearms in mind.  Even those who carry on body can use this accessory as an option when carrying on body has become uncomfortable or unnecessary.

Finding a holster that is comfortable should be top priority.  If a holster is not comfortable, you will start leaving it at home.  If you are leaving your gun at home, you are leaving yourself unprotected and there is no point in having a CCW license.

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