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Mothers Day At The Gun Range

(Photo Credit: leah hetteberg From Unsplash)

Mother’s Day is almost upon us. There are lots of great ways to celebrate…a nice brunch at your favorite outdoor restaurant or enjoying a spa day together. But have you considered a day spent together at the gun range?

Teaching your daughter or son how to shoot, or spending the day shooting together if he or she already knows how to shoot, can be a fun way to spend your Mother’s Day. It’s also a great bonding activity. Plus, you won’t have to worry about waiting in long lines or deal with big crowds.

Want your child to feel empowered and be able to defend himself or herself in a crisis? With so many active shooters committing crimes in unlikely and unexpected places, it is best to always be prepared. Heading out to your local gun range is a great stress reliever and a fun activity to do together.

If you want to make this year’s Mother’s Day extra special, consider doing this:

  • Call ahead to your favorite gun range and ask if they are having any special events for Mother’s Day
  • If your child is old enough to learn to shoot, consider scheduling a first lesson. Be sure to find an instructor who is good with inexperienced shooters and is calm and encouraging.
  • If your child is a skilled shooter like you, bring along a range bag with lots of extra ammo so you can plan to spend the whole day, if you’d like.
  • Since ammo is in short supply, stock up ahead of time or ask the gun range if they have enough on hand to keep you supplied for the day.
  • If you do not have a child, invite your mom out for a day at the range.
  • Remember to pack good noise and eye protection.
  • If your shooting range allows it, bring some bottled water to stay hydrated.

Treat yourself to a special conceal carry purse or range bag for yourself and grab one for your child too. We have a great selection of CCW and range bags for both women and men. More than a meal or spa appointment, your new concealed carry bag will be a lasting reminder of your special day together.

Photo credit Leah Hetteberg by Unsplash

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