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Right Purse For You

The purses that we carry with our outfits are just as important as the clothes themselves.  Choosing a concealed carry handbag, however, can be a bit more difficult since there are fewer manufacturers and styles of these bags.

If you are trying to capture someone’s attention, then you want the eye to be drawn to one of your best features.  The size and style of the purse can be a critical decision in this process.  The place where the handbag meets the body determines where the eyes will be drawn to look.

The handbag should not be glaringly different from the rest of the outfit, but rather it should blend with it.  It should also be spacious enough that it can hold all of the items that you will be carrying in addition to your weapon.  Optimally, the color and design of your handbag should be versatile enough to go with more than one outfit.

Tips for selecting the right bag to accentuate your physique:

  • If your body type is overly abundant from the waist down, then the best strategy for you is to select a small purse with a short strap.  This type tucks in nicely under the arm, draws the observer’s eye upward, and doesn’’t add any to the lower half.
  • If your body type is generously endowed on the upper half, then a larger bag with a longer strap that takes the attention away from your bosom will do nicely.
  • For the thin and sleek body, a large, floppy type of bag will add a little something to your look.  Any bulky type of handbag will also help to add a new dimension.
  • For the well endowed everywhere body frame, a smaller bag with a hint of color or a subtle pattern may do the trick.  You may want to use a purse that has a short to medium length strap.  This way, you can focus the attention to the upper half of your body rather than the full view.
  • For that perfect hourglass body, you have a multitude of choices.  Anything goes for this woman, as long as it goes with the outfit!
  • Be sure the concealed carry purse is comfortable with your handgun inside.  If your purse comes with a holster, see how it feels and looks with the gun holstered in the bag.  The handbag should not rub uncomfortably against your body, nor should the concealment area stick out in an obvious way.

Keep in mind that you have already placed a big investment in time and money into the selection of your outfit.  Maximize its effect by taking care with the accessories that you add.  Remember that a perfect outfit coupled with a perfect concealed carry handbag equals a perfectly safe and eye appealing portrait of you.

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