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After all my years as a firearms instructor, it still amazes me that people only realize that they have little concept of what ownership, handling and eventual defensive use of a handgun actually entails. In most cases, the trouble of background checks and the expense of purchase, only then logically lead to the question of; “What do I do with this?” and the realization that they now fear the very thing that was purchased to help defend them.

So what’s next for your ccw handbag and shiny new firearm that fits just so perfectly within? It’s time to learn how to use them effectively and most importantly— safely. Scary are the statistics that show the highest percentage of CCW gun related accidents are those that happen while drawing the pistol for use in a sloppy, unsafe or simply untrained manner.

The solution is actually quite simple. Pulling your Glock 43 from your Tooled Leather Concealed Carry Purse does not have to be more dangerous than the attacker confronting you. All you need is a little training.  A gun safety course is a great way to start, quickly followed up by a class in concealed carry. Better yet, an NRA Basic Pistol Course by an NRA certified instructor is the best course of action and then follow up with an instructor that can teach you the basics of drawing from concealment and a few techniques for actually using the firearm when in a pinch.

Ideally, if you are looking to carry a concealed weapon (firearm) you would want to follow the order of:

  1. Safety course
  2. Gun selection
  3. Concealed carry bag or holster (fit for that particular pistol)
  4. Training for concealed carry weapons.

With just the tiniest investment of time and money spent on proper safety and training, you will exponentially reduce the chances of harming yourself or other innocent bystanders during an unfortunate attack upon your person.

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