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Florida’s Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Fast Track Process Could Spread To Other States

Florida men and women wanting a concealed carry permit just got some great news to help them in their busy lives.

In Pinellas County, Florida, residents now have the ability to fast-track their application for a concealed carry permit.

This month, the Pinellas County Tax Collector’s main office in Clearwater started its new “fast-track” process for concealed carry permits.  The Tax Collector’s office will process applications for those who make an appointment and pay a $22 fee in addition to the regular permit fees.  Fingerprinting and a photo ID for the permit holder will also be handled by the Tax Collector’s Office.

According to an article on, applicants must meet Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ requirements in addition to paying the licensing fees.   Applicants must meet certain training requirements to demonstrate proficiency with a firearm.  The fees for fingerprinting and license are $112 at this time.

The fast-track process is intended to take some of the burden off the agriculture department and the Pinellas office is serving as one of five pilot location for accepting the concealed weapon permit applications.  Ultimately, the state has final say so on who gets a permit.

“We’re big believers that all women as well as men should be able to protect themselves and anything that makes that process faster and smoother is a bonus in our book,” said Mary Kirkpatrick of online concealed carry handbag retailer  “We know the need is there.”

According to the article in, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam was quoted as saying “Our partnership with the Pinellas County Tax Collector’s office enables us to provide more convenient options for Floridians to apply for or renew concealed weapon licenses and process applications more efficiently,” he said.

The Clearwater office is located at 315 Court Street and an appointment can be made by calling 727-464-7777 or visit

Florida’s Fast-Track process is being watched by other states and may someday become a new standard in other concealed carry states.

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