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According to the latest Crime Prevention Research Center report, women comprise over 28% of concealed carry permit holders. Selecting a carry gun and holder is a personal choice. Whatever your choice, you need to make sure you can draw quickly and shoot smoothly and accurately. In a self-defense situation, the type of CCW handbag and how you draw your gun could mean the difference between life and death.

Steps involved in Drawing Easily from a CCW Handbag

Seven steps are involved in drawing your gun from a concealed carry handbag.

  1. Get a firm grip on your gun while it is in the handbag but keep your trigger finger off the trigger.
  2. Draw the gun from the handbag straight up and out.
  3. Raise the gun close to the side of your body to meet your support hand at your chest.
  4. Rotate the muzzle, so it is pointed toward your target.
  5. Bring your hands together using your support hand to steady the gun and switch the safety off.
  6. Extend your arms straight out and line up the gun sight with your target.
  7. Put your finger on the trigger and squeeze firmly to shoot.

Two things will affect your draw:

  • The amount of practice you have had, and
  • Your CCW handbag

Practicing Your Draw

To draw your loaded firearm under pressure, you must develop excellent muscle memory to do it as an instinctive reaction without any thought or awareness. Building muscle memory requires repeating the steps and motions the same way every time and doing it repeatedly. Dry Fire Practice is an excellent way to train your muscles. Start by practicing slowly and work on accuracy. Once you have the precision and can pretty much do it without thinking, start adding some speed.

Women and Men Concealed Carry Differently

Women and men are different in what and how they carry. On average, women tend to be smaller than men. Women are probably more conscious about how they look than men. They tend to wear more body and form-fitted clothing than men. The material their clothing is made from may be lighter and designed to reveal more curves.

As such, when women carry concealed, they tend to choose smaller caliber weapons, which weigh less and are more comfortable to shoot. Women have more to think about when they decide how to carry concealed. Unlike men, women wear more clothing, such as short or long dresses, pants, bras, leggings, etc.

Fortunately, concealed carry options for women have come a long way in the past decade. They can choose on-body CCW methods such as belts, holsters, and concealment clothing. Off-body options include handbags, fanny or waist packs, backpacks, pouches, and wraps. Gone are the days of ugly, monotone choices. With the growth of manufacturers specializing in women’s CCW gear, there are a lot of fun and exciting options out there. Many women choose two types of concealed carry: a CCW handbag and a comfortable on-waist holster.

Types of CCW handbags

If you decide to carry off-body, select a handbag specifically dedicated to securely carrying a firearm. Don’t just put a gun in a regular purse where it gets mixed in with your wallet and makeup. Imagine trying to grip a firearm with lipstick on the handle securely!

Regarding CCW handbags, there are many styles like, totes, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, locking bags, and bags big enough for tablets or portfolios.

Several stylish handbags designed in leather or faux leather options for concealed carry offer a dedicated gun compartment. Here are a few popular options:

Sharon CCW Tote by Urban Moxy is a stylish bag that goes from day to evening in a flash. Made of fine quality synthetic leather, it features a lockable zippered side neoprene lined gun compartment with a Velcro holster.  This bag is a double-handle purse with a removable long shoulder strap, top zipper compartment, and two ample side pockets with plenty of room for everything you need to carry.Sharon CCW Tote front

Traditional Leather Concealed Carry Tote is a great medium-sized bag by Gun Tote’n Mamas that has sturdy metal feet on the bottom to keep your bag protected and clean. This tote is made from quality pebbled cowhide leather. It  features a center divider pocket, two cellphone and sunglasses interior pockets, and a side zippered gun compartment for left or right-handed use.

GTM 62 3 4

Jennifer’s Traveler CCW Organizer Bag is a beautiful and versatile bag by Gun Tote’n Mamas with a CCW backside zippered pocket with an adjustable holster. This bag is made from butter-soft, full-grain leather and features a slash-resistant shoulder strap, nine storage pockets, a zipper center pocket, and a central area large enough to hold an iPad.

GTM 12 Open 2 Wgun

Ultimately, you should be confident in your CCW handbag choice and skillful draw of  your gun to smoothly and accurately defend yourself.

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