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Customer Relationship Marketing & What It Means For Our Customers

Earlier today, I was reading an interesting article by Wade Harman about customer relationship marketing and the importance of informing, rather than promoting to, the customer.  That is something that we strongly believe also.  What exactly is the difference?

At, it means just one thing:  If we wouldn’t buy it for ourselves, or want someone to sell it to our moms/sisters/friends when they didn’t need it or it wasn’t the right product for them, we won’t sell it to YOU.  We believe in karma, doing the right thing, and just all-around maintaining good business ethics.  Sticking with this philosophy is the core of Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM).

We want you to buy (or buy elsewhere) the product that is best for you, even if we don’t sell it.  For example, if you call us looking for a holster, we’re not going to try to push our bra holster (even though we sell it), unless you tell us you’re looking for a bra holster.  We’ll suggest a few good sites that we know sell comfortable lady holsters and provide good service.  If you call looking for a concealed carry purse for a gun size/type and we don’t sell a CCW purse that would suit that gun, we’ll tell you straight up and suggest where you might find it.

We also want you to buy a quality product. Last year, we noticed a product we were selling was disappointing some of our customers. That doesn’t happen often (ever).  So we stopped selling it, even though it provided our highest profit margin.  Learning to understand the customer is the essence of CRM.

To paraphrase Wade, “customers are the success … You don’t chase after them, or force them to do things, you be you and let them be drawn to you. When you realize that, you will see success nod his head and walk toward you.”

That’s what CRM Is about.  Protecting, satisfying, and building a long-term relationship with our customer.  We want you to be there for us now and in the future, and we want to be your trusted source for the best priced, highest quality concealed carry purses.  It’s that simple.

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