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Coronado Leather Concealed Carry Purses: Are They Worth The Wait?

(Photo Credit: Coronado Leather)

One of the best brands of concealed carry leather purses is Coronado Leather.  Beautifully crafted, each purse is handmade one purse at a time by skilled craftsmen and women.  Coronado Leather, based in San Diego, is the only concealed carry purse brand that we carry that is made in the USA.  It also comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee, which is rare for the industry (contact Coronado for details).

Of course, since they are individually handcrafted, these CCW purses take time to make.  The leather must be sourced, shipped and delicately prepared.  The various handbag styles are scheduled at different weeks, depending on material availability, staffing, production capacity and other factors.  For our customers, this can mean a wait of several weeks or more for their Coronado Leather concealed carry purse.  Although Coronado Leather tries to ensure a delivery of 3-6 weeks maximum, sometimes it takes longer.

Is it worth the wait? You bet.  Receiving a Coronado Leather concealed carry purse is a real treat.  The aroma of the leather, the feel of it as you pull the handbag from the packaging – all is a pleasure to enjoy.  Our customers keep their Coronado Leather purses for many years and often own several in different styles and colors.  The quality of Coronado Leather concealed carry purses is without dispute.

If you’re thinking about ordering a Coronado Leather handbag, or are currently waiting on an order you placed, keep one thing in mind:  Good things come to all who wait.   Enjoy!

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