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Concealed Carry Tips For Beginners 1

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Once you’ve made the decision to carry a gun to protect and empower yourself, it’s important to check off two key items before deciding how, specifically, to conceal carry the firearm (such as a concealed carry purse vs a holster).

First, research and review the laws in your state. Fortunately, the U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) has created a map to help make this easy. When you click on a particular state on this map, you’ll be provided with a significant amount of information about relevant laws, which includes:

  • the number of reciprocating states
  • who can issue the necessary licenses
  • what the process is when buying a handgun from a private individual
  • what’s required for a conceal carry, such as in one of our concealed carry purses

This site also lists what the self defense laws are that particular state. For example, states abiding by the Castle Doctrine will describe how you aren’t required to retreat from a threat before using force when you are in your own residence or vehicle. The state-specific information also provides plenty of links so that you can get the information you need to legally obtain a gun and conceal carry it.

For example, one state may require eight hours of firearms training from a licensed teacher—and that leads into the second key item: to ensure that you’ve gotten all the training you need to safely carry your firearm. If you complete your required training and still have questions, get them answered. Safety is at the heart of this entire process—and keeping yourself safe is likely the reason why you want to carry in the first place.

Additional Conceal Carry Tips

Once you’re ready to carry the handgun, choose a carrier that you’re comfortable with. For some women, this would be a cross body conceal carry purse while, for others, a pouch that allows you to carry the basics—for example: smartphone, handgun, and glasses—is the most practical choice.

Once you’ve chosen how to carry your concealed weapon, make sure that you follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Place the firearm exactly where the instructions say and don’t add extra items to that section of the concealed carry purse. If you did, the added item could lead to an accidental discharge.

Then, practice putting the gun in and out of the purse, doing so with an unloaded one in a safe location. Walk around with the purse and concealed handgun until you are fully comfortable with the process. If you have a firearms instructor, ask if you can practice in front of them and get recommendations, including how to avoid an accidental discharge.

Remember that a conceal carry purse is for your use as you are going about your day (and it’s recommended that, once you start carrying, you do so regularly). It is not, however, a secure safe. So, any time that you are not physically carrying the purse and enclosed firearm, put the gun into a childproof safe.

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