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Concealed Carry Purses Are Booming In 2013

This is the year of fashionable concealed carry purses for women.  Lots of new concealed carry purses and even some very ladylike holsters have made their debut this year, providing gun carrying women with many new choices.  The recent Shot Show held in Las Vegas featured vendors displaying a variety of new concealed carry purse lines.  Some of our staff and client favorites at include:

  • A new line geared toward the twenty and thirty-something age bracket.  With a youthful design of cute concealed carry purses, fun fabrics and a touch of bling, this new line by Seattle-based Urban Moxy appeals to the majority of GunHandbags clientele.
  • More innovative concealed handgun purses from Gun Tote’n Mamas have been recently introduced, combining a subtle touch of bling with leathers and other materials.  These flexible bags work great from office to evening.
  • On the higher end of the spectrum, Concealed Carrie (just love that play on words) continues to produce truly beautiful and exquisitely crafted concealed weapons purses, concealed carry briefcases and backpacks.  A Concealed Carrie handbag is like no other.
  • A new concealed carry purse manufacturer, GunnySaxx, recently displayed samples of a new line of CCW handbags that feature brightly colored designer fabrics with leather used on handles, bottoms and accents and with full linings on the interior gun pocket.  Women have asked for more fabric concealed carry purses and soon the GunnySaxx bags will be available online and on store shelves.
  • And in the holster market, ladies are increasingly choosing the Flashbang.  This holster works front and center on your bra, allowing easy gun access under your clothing without showing the telltale bulge of a woman carrying a gun.  Videos at the site demonstrate to clients how to easily use the Flashbang.  These videos help boost the confidence of the Flashbang user and ensure a smooth transition to holster carry.

Regardless of your choice in concealed carry product selection, you will find that you can now be both safe and fashionable. By looking at today’s modern concealed purses, learning who the growing group of quality CCW purse manufacturers are and knowing your own needs and carry style, you can make a smart concealed carry purse selection that will satisfy you for years to come.

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