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Red Bullet Necklace

Bullet jewelry is everywhere.  On celebrities, teens, moms, dads, sportsmen.  You don’t have to be a shooting expert, gun toting woman or conceal carry permit holder to appreciate the beauty of a piece of gun or bullet jewelry.  Anyone can wear a bullet-theme piece of jewelry which may be why it has risen so quickly in popularity.

Earrings are popular pieces made from bullet casings.  Combined with faux or real gems (Swarovski Crystals are popular additions), bullet casings are the perfect size for earrings.  They can be worn with a casual look, blue jeans and boots for a weekend of relaxation (or shooting).  Or the earrings can be dressed up for a night out.  Bullet earrings are great because they are so versatile.

There are as many different types of bullet necklaces as there are types of bullets.  Bullets on chains are sometimes dressed up or covered with gems, or reshaped or engraved, or combined with other elements to create one-of-a-kind pieces.  A popular item is the Winchester .223 Case necklace covered in Swarovski Crystals.  It is available in a multitude of colors.  Necklaces are also made from casings in the same way that earrings are, and decorated with gems, rhinestones or crystals.

Bracelets are popular with both men and women.  Many men enjoy wearing a gun-theme or bullet-theme bracelet.  Bracelets can be made from just about anything; casings, shells, jewels, copper and more.

“We started selling bullet jewelry in the summer of 2014 and it quickly started selling.  Each month we sell more of it,” said Stella Blubaugh, Manager of online concealed carry retailer  “We expect it to be one of our strongest sellers during the gift giving season at the end of 2014,” she added.

If you are planning to purchase bullet or gun theme jewelry, or already have, you will want to have a place to keep it and a plan on how to take care of it.  Bullet theme jewelry needs to be taken care of like any well-made jewelry.  Keep it in a jewelry box or other protected enclosure.  Be sure to use jewelry cleaner and a soft bristle toothbrush occasionally to keep it polished and shiny.

Don’t let your jewelry get tangled or caught on things like gear shifts or door knobs as it could pull apart.  You want to make sure the piece you buy fits snug enough that it doesn’t dangle.  If your jewelry becomes damaged or breaks apart, don’t try to repair it yourself.  Take it to a jeweler for reassemble and repair.

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