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What is the best concealed carry purse?  As owner of, I get asked this all the time.  Of course, “best” is completely subjective.  So rather than try to give a generic answer, I try to dig deeper.

What are you looking for in a concealed carry purse?  What would a best concealed carry purse look like to you?  Would it be made of leather, nylon, fabric or something else?  Do you want the security of a cross body or do you like a tote?  Do you want to have a concealed carry purse that locks, like many women with children do?  How big is your firearm?

It is every CCW woman’s goal to buy the best concealed carry purse for her.  While the choices are as varied as the people who buy them, we do have some gun purses that are our best sellers.  Here’s why:

Concealed Carrie Aged Leather Satchel, available in brown and black.  Buy both, it’s really hard to decide (we sell a little more of the brown but it’s almost dead even).  These are great satchel-type bags, like what you imagine an old fashioned doctor in the American West carrying around, but designed for women.  It’s slouchy but still firm enough to have structure.  It’s so roomy that I’ve used it as a very small carryon for an overnight trip.  It will hold tablets or very small laptops, plus your firearm.  In short, you can throw anything except your kitchen sink in this bag and it will hold up well.

Coronado Leather American Hobo.  If you like the relaxed look of a hobo style (and who doesn’t?), take a look at our number #2 best seller.  This bag will hold all but the larger handguns and still have room for your cell, makeup, keys and all sorts of other things.  It has feet on the bottom to keep it out of dirt and grime.  It is one of the best concealed carry purses we have seen and as always, Coronado Leather provides a factory lifetime guarantee on their product, the only manufacturer that we know of to do so.

Gun Tote’n Mamas.  Boy do we love all of our Gun Tote’n Mamas bags.  They have so many different styles that it’s really hard to pick one.  If you are looking for a best concealed carry purse and love Gun Tote’n Mamas, you may like either the Jennifer’s Traveler or a Traditional Open Top Tote.  The Jennifer’s Traveler is for the person who is (or wants to be) organized.  It has pockets, loops and slots everywhere for credits cards, your cell, pens, wallets and everything else.  It is a perfect purse for traveling, business, college or work.  It really keeps you organized.  The GTM Open Top Tote is roomy and great for the person who likes to throw things in a bag and sort them out later.  It will hold your small laptop or tablet nicely and still have room for coloring books, wallets, and lots more.  You can’t go wrong with CCW purses from Gun Tote’n Mamas.

And Urban Moxy, a small startup only a couple years young and full of (of course) moxie.  We love their non-leather Nicole, which is a stylish, youthful silver-gray with some bling on the outside.  It has a locking compartment with adorable chain and key set yet is still a roomy bag and suitable for anyone.  We also like their pink Gina purse, designed with two pink ribbons built into the look.  The Gina was created especially for breast cancer awareness, since the real Gina (yes, there is a Gina) survived breast cancer and it is her daughter who started and operates Urban Moxy.  We love our Moxy purses.

So whatever your best concealed carry purse is, select the handbag that suits you and your lifestyle.  Besides, who says you have to settle at just one? Look Good. Stay Safe.

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