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Concealed Carry Purse GTM 56 Cheeta Close Up Draw

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Gun purses are very popular with women who conceal carry. Are they the best way to concealed carry a gun? While some argue that carrying on the person is the safest way to carry a handgun, it comes down to personal safety. Some women are more comfortable with concealed carry gun purses rather than carrying in a holster. At the end of the day, the best way to carry is the way that gives you the most confidence. If a gun purse is your thing, go for it! Let’s take a look at 5 reasons that women carry gun purses.

Reason One: The Convenience of a Gun Purse

The main reason many women carry a gun purse is purely the convenience factor. Let’s be honest, ladies. You’re busy. As women, we are always on the go. But whether you’re running an errand to pick up a forgotten grocery item or headed to the office, you grab your purse on your way out the door.

Because you carry your purse everywhere with you, a forgotten pistol will be a problem of the past when you conceal carry in a gun handbag.

Reason Two: Better Concealment

Have you ever carried your gun in your waistband and someone noticed the shape of it? That’s referred to as “printing.” It is a method that law enforcement officers use to scope out bad guys to help assess if they are armed. It’s an obvious tell.

Here’s another scenario. Have you reached for a high shelf at a store and your shirt rode up and revealed your firearm? I have. I heard a gasp of horror from the lady next to me, and I knew she’d seen my not-so-concealed Glock.

A gun handbag will keep your gun concealed at all times—except when you need it (which I hope is never!).

Reason Three: Ease of Access

Many a woman will insist that a gun purse is the best concealed carry choice because they can get to It when they need it the most. She doesn’t need to fumble inside a vest, obviously pull up her pant leg to reach an ankle holster, or grope around the waistband to find her weapon.

Gun handbags are designed to offer you quick and easy access to your gun when you need it. Zippered, separate pockets are engineered for you to unzip and draw your gun discreetly. This helps you maintain the element of surprise when seconds really count!

Reason Four: Scratch-free Gun

Another great reason to carry a gun purse is to maintain a scratch-free gun. Think about the dollar amount you spent on a firearm when you made the decision to carry to protect your personal safety. You probably paid at least $400 for your concealed carry gun.

Drawing in and out of a holster to put your gun into a safe when you’re at home can cause fine scratches and marks. In addition, zippers, buttons, and snaps on your clothing can mar the finishes. Keeping your gun in a purse keeps it looking better and helps is hold its value.

Reason Five: Gun Handbags are Fashion Forward

Reason five is obvious to most of us. We ladies like to look cute! Our fashion choices send a message about our personalities, and we work hard at it!

Gun handbags come in such a wide range of colors and styles that allow you to maintain your image. From crossbody gun handbags to stylish concealed carry tote bags that take you through the workday, you will find a gun purse that suits your taste.


Gun handbags are the best concealed carry choice for millions of women. Women choose this method to carry because it is the best fit for their lifestyle. Concealing in a gun purse lets them feel confident that they can protect themselves and secure in knowing that their gun is at the tip of their fingers at all times.

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