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With the onset of the holiday buying season comes lots of purchases of new concealed carry purses.  This season, learn some simple easy care steps to take the guesswork out of caring for your new conceal carry purse.  With proper care and use, a concealed carry purse should last for years.

Here are 4 easy purse care tips from the handbag experts at online retailer

1.       Know the material it’s constructed with.  While the exterior of many concealed carry purses are made with 100% leather, not all are.  Some gun purses are made from non-leather materials, synthetics, or even canvas or fabric.

Leather can often be wiped clean using only a microfiber cloth; a gentle leather cleaner is also recommended by most purse manufacturers.  Canvas, fabric and other materials can typically be “spot washed” with gentle soap and water and a microfiber cloth.

Some purses can be hand washed, and some can be machine washed using the delicate or hand wash setting but should be set out to dry (not machine dried).  Check with your manufacturer first, as machine washing can damage a handbag and this may not be recommended for some CCW purses, especially those with “bling.” If you aren’t sure what the material is or how to clean it, call the store where you bought it or the manufacturer. Even if the store doesn’t know, they can usually find out for you.

2.       My conceal carry purse has bling on it.  How do I wash it without damaging the bling?  

Lots of CCW purses contain “bling”, usually fake jewels on the outside of the bag or other sparkle-type decorative items.  This can make it more difficult to clean a bag but not impossible.  Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth (using warm water and a gentle soap) to softly wipe the outside areas of the purse, with extra attention around the bling, to remove dirt and grime and make bling sparkle again.

Should any of your bling fall off, a fabric adhesive glue may work to reattach it.  You may be able to order replacement bling from the manufacturer, though not all manufacturers provide this.

3.       How do I clean the inside holster?

Most CCW handbags contain a removable holster made of leather or plastic (usually being held in place by Velcro).  The leather can be cleaned using the same instructions as above.

First, remove the holster from the bag and check to see if the holster needs to be cleaned.  A gentle leather cleaner can be used on the leather and soap and water can usually remove buildup of grime on other materials. Rinse well and let it air dry.

If the Velcro is full of debris or material that is preventing it from holding your firearm in a secure manner, it needs to be cleaned.  According to WikiHow, there are several ways to remove these materials:

·         Dry toothbrush

·         Wire cat or dog hair brush

·         Short metal or plastic teeth on the front of a clear tape roll to brush out the fastener.

·         Use a lint roller

·         Use a hook-and-loop cleaning brush

·         Try tweezers to pull the fuzz out

When it comes to a Velcro holster, try to prevent it from getting dirty.  Keep the conceal carry pocket empty of everything but your handgun.  No tissues, wristbands, or other fuzzy items that could cause a buildup in your Velcro.

4.       When I store my purses, should I put them in containers to keep them clean?

It may seem like a great idea to put your purses in a rubber or plastic container if you’re not going to be using them for a while.  Isn’t that what people do with sweaters once Spring arrives?  However, leather needs to breath and plastic prevents that, causing leather to sometimes mildew.

Store leather in a breathable container.  Fabric bags, suitcases or wooden trucks are all good storage choices. Leave some room around each handbag to breath and don’t overcrowd the storage bag or trunk.

Leather concealed carry purses can also be stored in closets by wrapping the straps or hanging on hangers and covering them with a breathable garment bag.  You can also stuff the inside of the purse with acid-free paper to help it keep its full shape.

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